Editorial called “Who the Hell is James Franco?” with the multi talented actor, James Franco photographed by Mona Kuhn for the first issue of the Mister Muse (spring summer 2012). Mister Muse is the men’s version of the Italian independent magazine, Muse. On the cover James Franco dressed in total look Gucci by stylist Jen Patryn.

001-mister-muse-ss-2012-james-franco-mona-kuhn 002-mister-muse-ss-2012-james-franco-mona-kuhn 003-mister-muse-ss-2012-james-franco-mona-kuhn 004-mister-muse-ss-2012-james-franco-mona-kuhn 005-mister-muse-ss-2012-james-franco-mona-kuhn 006-mister-muse-ss-2012-james-franco-mona-kuhn 007-mister-muse-ss-2012-james-franco-mona-kuhn