One of the most prestigious shoemakers in the world, John Lobb has been developing wonderful collections for almost 150 years. John Lobb excellent ready-to-wear line is made by hand in Northampton workshop, England.

But this week, I had the great pleasure to visit John Lobb Bespoke atelier, based at the 32 of Mogador Street in Paris.

Highly qualified craftsmen are working in a beautiful atelier located in the middle of Paris with high ceilings, wooden floors and excellent natural light. Each pair requires an average of 50 hours of work by using traditional shoemaking techniques. John Lobb Bespoke service is unique, a subtle balance between the timeless elegance and fantastic comfort.

Those are my exclusive pictures from this delightful visit.

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the shape of the foot is sculpted in hornbeam wood.

The Master Last-Maker of John Lobb.

John Lobb is selecting the highest quality leather from all over Europe

Working on the lining of the boot.

Lasting a shoe by hand.

Dyed shoe with a pencil.

Shoe polish and glacage.

Storage of wood shapes of Bespoke customers. 

Exotic skins are kept at the perfect temperature.

Saint Crispin (French Christian patron saints of cobblers, tanners, and leather workers) oversees the good work in the workshop.

Yellow box for ready-to-wear, and here is the purple box for Bespoke shoes.