High-toned.fr has been an independent website showcasing quality menswear for more than 4 years now. This year, I decided to create mini series to support real fine craftsmanship and explain technical values in men’s clothing. The first episode focused on Savile Row bespoke tailor, Anderson & Sheppard and his famous soft tailoring style “Drape cut”. This second episode features one of the most prestigious French tailor, Cifonelli and its famous shoulder.

Massimo Caiselli and Lorenzo Cifonelli graciously welcomed me into their family business located just a stone’s throw from the Champs Elysées at 31 rue Marbeuf in Paris. I was lucky to be able to film them in Paris because they travel frequently for their customers all over the world.

Those images unveil the beautiful showroom, the Cifonelli duo and details of ‘les petites mains (talented seamstresses & seamsters)’ making their fine job in the workshop.

I hope you will enjoy this video…