In November 2012, Parisian fashion house “Smalto” published a book entitled “Francesco Smalto, 50 years of masculine elegance” by publishing house, Cherche-Midi.

This beautiful book written by Dorothée Lagard, retracing the steps of the Italian tailor Francesco Smalto, from his small village of Reggio in Calabria, to his legendary shop on rue François 1er, through his apprenticeship at Camps de Luca.

The visionary designer reveals his passion for Japanese art, his admiration for artists of the Renaissance era, and his friendship in the entertainment business.

In the book we discover two very interesting conversations, first with Hugo Jacomet (creator of the website Parisian Gentleman) on bespoke tailoring. Second one with Guillaume Crouzet (editor in chief of the Express Style) is on the evolution of Smalto in the fashion world.

“Francesco Smalto, 50 years of masculine elegance” is a wonderful book, richly illustrated, punctuated with fascinating texts on the life of the Parisian designer.