This year again, United Arrows unveils his appealing campaign called “情熱接客 (Jounetsu Sekkyaku)” in English, passionate customer service. From September 6th to October 14th  2013, United arrows will launch their ‘Passionate customer service’ campaign with over 700 sales staff around 36 shops all over Japan.

Customer service in Japan is already the best in the world. United Arrows are developing a new shopping experience with an exclusive styling contest via Instagram to win 5%, 10%, 15% immediate discount coupons on 700 selected items.

An interesting video was made to explain the campaign concept featuring female model Lola and actor Arakawa Yoshiyoshi. You can also see few styling pictures of Japanese trendy gentlemen such as journalist Yamada Gorou, skater & graphist Yoshifumi “Yoppi” Egawa, bass player Okamoto Hama and film director Kohki Hasei.

Arakawa Yoshiyoshi

Yamada Gorou

Yoshifumi “Yoppi” Egawa

Okamoto Hama

Kohki Hasei