In the heart of Paris, bespoke tailor “ Camps de Luca ” located in a corner of the place de la Madeleine.  In 1948, French tailoring house was founded by Italian tailor, Mario de Luca as “Maison de Luca”. Later in 1969, “Maison de Luca” merged with Spanish tailor, Joseph Camps to form the legendary bespoke tailor “Camps de Luca”.

Currently, second generation tailor Marc de Luca took over as general manager. Third generation, Charles de Luca and Julien de Luca are working in the family business next to their father.

The beautiful shape of lapel notch called “le cran parisien (Parisian lapel notch)” of Camps de Luca is characteristic of French tailoring.

I received a warm welcome from Julien de Luca and Marc de Luca and I had the great pleasure to visit the workshop of bespoke tailor Camps de Luca. Those are my pictures of this amazing visit…

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Artworks of Americain graffiti artist “JonOne”

Julien de Luca

Marc de Luca

Work on the buttonholes

First day of young apprentice 

Work on half moon to reinforce inside pocket

Focus on the famous  Parisian notch lapel of Camps de Luca

Beautiful cabinet for buttons & silk threads

Marc de Luca et Julien de Luca