Recently, I had the pleasure to visit one of the best shoemakers in Paris, Aubercy. For three hours, I had the chance to talk to Mr. Xavier Aubercy about his family business. Founded in 1935, Renée and André Aubercy created their design house located since its creation at 34 rue Vivienne, near Paris stock exchange (la Bourse). Aubercy shoes really synthesize the strong structure of the English shoe, the creativity of Italian shoe with a French elegance.

Since 1956, Aubercy started to manufacture shoes by small family-owned company in Italy to guarantee the best hand-sewn goodyear and hand-sewn norwegian construction. For ready-to-wear shoes, they ensured the highest quality of hand-sewn Goodyear and unique exquisite designs. Aubercy shoes are available at the legendary tailor, Douglas Hayward in London. And will be soon available in Japan at Cavalleria. Beginning of December, Aubercy will have a bespoke service at their Parisian store.

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