Mr Kenjiro Suzuki, a young Japanese tailor, took up residence in a late violin store, located at 5th of Edimbourg Street, Paris. A former graduate of the A.I.C.P (International Academy of patternmaking in Paris) in 2003, Suzuki held several positions in some prestigious houses like Arnys, Lanvin, Camps de Luca and Pierre Degang.

Shortly after those experiences, Suzuki was the attentive student of André Soulier, master tailor for Francesco Smalto. Having spent 10 years in France, Suzuki finally opened his own tailoring house with his wife Mikiko Suzuki (former Camps de Luca staff) in 2013. Despite he was born in Tokyo, hereafter Suzuki is appreciated as one of the French style ambassador.

Kenjiro Suzuki selects the most sophisticated fabrics, develops a perfect style with some lovely details, while taking inspiration of the Smalto cut. He offers a bespoke service starting from €3,500 for a two pieces suit.

With only 1 year of activity, bespoke orders increased steadily by through word of mouth.

Mr Kenjiro Suzuki is very welcoming. He speaks very well French (and learning English now). It was a really pleasure to discover his work.

Those are my pictures of the tailoring with a promising future.

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KENJIRO SUZUKI Sur mesure Paris
5 rue d’Edimbourg 75008,  Paris FRANCE
For more details please contact Mr. Suzuki on the following address :