Yesterday, I spent two fascinating hours with Julien de Luca of French house, Camps de Luca. He kindly explained to me few technical aspects of Camps de Luca.

Parisian tailoring house, Camps de Luca is well known around the world for their extremely refined finishing details. Better than any words, those are my exclusive photos about Camps de Luca’s details.

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Camps de Luca lapel notch

Optical effect on check fabric

Button dyed naturally to the color of the fabric

Alignment of lines on the pocket

Side vents are reinforced by “Bougran” (light cotton canvas)

Beautiful elbow pads

Button horn

Inner wallet pocket all hand-sewn 

Half lined jacket in silk

Milanese buttonholes on peak lapel

Initials sewn into jacket sleeves 

Jacket of Mr. Julien de Luca

Stunning purple houndstooth fabric

Camps de Luca’s signature: the hand-sewn teardrop pocket

Saharienne Jacket of Mr. Mario de Luca

“Camps” lapel notch  on black & white houndstooth fabric