Last week, I had the pleasure of visiting bespoke tailors, Chittleborough & Morgan in London. In the basement of 12 Savile Row, Chittleborough & Morgan creates a unique style inspired by the heritage of legendary tailor, Tommy Nutters.

Mr. Joe Morgan and Mr. Michael Browne are very welcoming. Those passionate tailors make stunning high-waisted trousers with pleats, generous peak lapels, beautiful milanese buttonholes and handmade boutonnières.

They are offering top-notch bespoke service with many fittings as necessary to achieve the perfect fit.

It was really a pleasure to discover their flamboyant style and craftsmanship. Joe Morgan and Michael Browne make several trips through the year to meet customers in New York, Paris and Moscow.

Those are my pictures of bespoke tailors of Chittleborough & Morgan.

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Mr. Michael Browne

Nice curve on the top part of the trouser

Michael Browne’s navy seersucker suit

Work experience girl cutting a skirt

Micheal Browne new project

A beautiful overcoat

Handmade boutonnière

Beautiful work on the inside of the waistcoat

Mr. Joseph Morgan

Explanations about the cut of a high waisted trouser with pleats by Joe Morgan