Long-established kimono retailer « Kimono Yamato » will open in March 1st 2015 a very interesting and unique Kimono shop called “Y. & Sons” dedicated gentleman.

Under the creative team formed by the artistic director Naomi Hirabayashi, buyer Tsuyoshi Nimura and interior designer Kazuya Sasaki, this project is reaching out to a new generation of gentleman.

Y. & Sons store will be located close to the Shinto shrine “Kanda Shrine” in the Kanda district of Tokyo (near Ochanomizu Station).

In the store, you will find a nice selection of fabrics for kimono from all over Japan as well as the famous raw silk of Yuki (Yuki-Tsumugi) and even the silk of Oshima (Oshima-Tsumugi).

Price range for made-to-measure Kimono will start at 300 euros for a cotton fabric, 375 euros for wool fabric and about 675 euros for a silk fabric. Once the measurements are taken, the tailor will take about two weeks to create your kimono.

The originality of this Kimono shop is in the mix between Japanese traditional clothes and western-style clothes. There will be a mix of style like Japanese Kimono but also western accessories through a selection of brands like Norwegian Rain, Kijima Takayuki, Want Les Essential, Footstock Originals, N. Hollywood and many more…