Only a few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of discovering the beautiful city of Naples, Italy. Alive and vibrant, Naples is the city of the living god Diego ‘El Pibe de Oro’ Maradona, the dormant volcano Vesuvius and of course the incredible know-how of Neapolitan tailors.

I was lucky enough to discovered one of Naples’s best-kept secrets, the Atelier of Eduardo de Simone.

Since 1896, De Simone’s family is committed to create menswear garments of quality. Founded by Vicenzo de Simone, nowadays the workshop is led by Eduardo de Simone, the fourth generation of the family; a true passionate about bespoke tailoring.

Located on Via Cupa Principe (near Naples airport); the Neapolitan tailor with his highly skilled master-tailors offers an exceptional bespoke service at a very attractive price.

One of the strengths of the Eduardo De Simone is its open mind about construction; the tailoring house does not confine itself to the famous Neapolitan tailoring style (spalla camicia and con rollino shoulder or also the barchetta pocket).

The workshop Eduardo de Simone can create a garment more structured, or more contemporary, also may utilize British fabrics, or created Milanese buttonholes worthy of the greatest French tailoring houses.

I had the great pleasure to discover this workshop. Those are my pictures of this delightful visit.


Eduardo de Simone