Since last year, the prestigious house Aubercy offers bespoke service in the beautiful shop of the rue Vivienne, in the neighbourhood of the historical Paris stock exchange.

Last week, I had the tremendous to talk with the young shoemaker Japanese Yasuhiro Shiota. In the workshop on the ground floor, he introduced me to some technical details of his work for the Parisian house.

You can discover the bespoke shoes at Aubercy boutique. Meanwhile, those are my exclusive pictures…


This first bespoke shoe was worked to offer a slightly curved heel knows as “Cuban heel“.

Trial shoes

Proof of the intelligence of the hand, here is a beautiful detail, an elegant curve called “Fiddleback waist” which was inspired by the shape of the back of a violin.

This bespoke shoe has a beautiful patina called “Sunburst“, a reminder of the classic finish created on a guitar.

In order to implement the patina “Sunburst” that shoe reveals a beveled waist with a natural color.

The third bespoke shoe is a classic version of Aubercy “Chisel Toe“.

This bespoke shoe is a bi-material creation with a nice contrast between black box calf and beautiful embossed chocolate color.

And this last shoe is the signature of the house, a bespoke version of the “Lupin” with a beautiful midnight blue patina.