In March 2015, The Japanese select shop Strasburgo opened on the third floor of his shop located in the chic neighbourhood of Aoyama, a lounge dedicated to tailoring, named the “House Tailor’s Lab“.

In this “Laboratory of tailoring”, Strasburgo unveils a unique concept, an exciting offering of bespoke suits, trousers, and shirts on the same space.

The three Japanese craftsmans in charge of this creative space are the tailor Ryota Matsukuma under his label name “Pinorso”, the shirtmaker Masanori Yamagami as “Yamagami Shirt”, and for the trousers “Igarashi Trousers” made by the young Igarashi Toru.

Ryota Matsukuma

Masanori Yamagami

Igarashi Toru 

The prices are starting from $2500 for a suit, from $625 for a trouser, and from $275 for a shirt.

Here’s the video of the launch of “Strasburgo House Tailor’s Lab” with their press guests.