Founded in 2014 by Agyesh Madan, the young and discreet label “ Stòffa ” unveils slowly and carefully created Italian-made accessories of high quality, with outstandingly beautiful design.

Brand Stòffa offers rabbit or beaver felt rollable hat, printed pocket square made of wool or more luxurious woven pocket square in blend cashmere/silk, also knit tie and beautiful double sided scarves.

Throughout the season, Stòffa delivers made-to-measure field jackets, fly jackets, and elegant trousers by means of traveling trunk shows.

Stòffa, an unique accessories brand, that you should discover as soon as you possible !

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Felt rollable hat

Asymmetric Jacket

Fly Jacket

Field Jacket

Double sided scarves 

made-to-measure trousers

Woven pocket square in Cashmere & silk

Printed pocket square