Founded in Millau in 1946, the French glove-maker Lavabre Cadet, has been perpetuating a remarkable tradition of glove-making expertise since 70th years.

The gloves of Lavabre Cadet were the favorites of the legendary designer, Yves Saint-Laurent. Nowadays, the French house “Lavabre Cadet” counts among its clients, Haute couture houses such as Hermès, Dior, Chanel, Rick Owens and Jean-Paul Gaultier but also lucky customers that are amateurs of exceptional designs.

Always on the leading edge of quality and creativity, the French house was awarded the “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant” (Living Heritage Company). Lavabre Cadet’s gloves are exclusively crafted from stringently selected raw materials in the workshop located in the historic capital of the glove, Millau.

The offer consists of a beautiful ‘ready-to-wear’ collection, a ‘made-to-order’ service with personalization and offers customers the option to order gloves in quarter sizes. And last but not least, ‘Bespoke’ service with individual pattern and unlimited possibilities.

Last week, I had the chance to discover the French house’s creations at the number 5 of the very chic, Rue Cambon, inside the boutique of “Camille Fournet (owner of Lavabre Cadet)”. I was warmly greeted by the enthusiast of craftsmanship, Jean-Baptiste Rosseeuw in charge of the development for Lavabre Cadet.

Here are some details and explanations that reveals the magnificent skills of Lavabre Cadet’s artisans :

“Citadin” model in light brown glossed lambskin, hand-stitched points and edge, inseam stitching, hand-stitched black silk lining.

Detail of “Citadin” model in dark brown glossed lambskin. The construction of the glove is whole cut. There is no stitching on the forefinger of the glove.

This pair is nearly two years old: it has aged beautifully, gloves are well rounded on the top of fingers. The Lavabre Cadet gloves require a little time to get to the owner’s hand.

Details of hand-stitched points (1 thread by point), may be considered more casual that machine-stitched points.

“Citadin” model in black grained lambskin, inseam stitching, black silk lining, hand-stitched points and edge. This short version of “Citadin” model is made to be worn without a coat.

Honey alligator and glossed lambskin, hand-stitched tone on tone welt, hand stitching, hand-stitched beige cashmere lining.

Wonderful gloves hand-stitched with great contrast in the texture between alligator and lambskin.

Detail of the edge with a “strip (bandelette)”, the equivalent of “welt (passepoil)” in leather goods.

Beautiful stitching of the hand, it’s precise and clean. The sewing is made by only one artisan of Lavabre Cadet from the sewing of the hand all the way to the thumb.

 “Cavalier” model in navy blue suede calfskin, raw edge, saddle-stitched outseam, unlined.

Gloves in grey suede calfskin with machine-stitched points (2 threads by point).

Great details such as the clean-finish the raw edge and the golden-coloured house signature.

Note the “fitted” cut, a very Parisian shape that allows to have thin fingers despite the saddle-stitched outseam.

Wonderful made-to-order peccary handsewn gloves in cork color.

Those gloves are peccary leather gloves with 3 handsewn points and handsewn edge, unlined.

“Lavabre Cadet” is open by appointment only :