Philosophy of the website

In November 2009, I started this independent fashion website to increase my knowledge about menswear. I truly believe that each individual consumer is a political actor. Each purchase, each interaction, and each decision in the marketplace is a political act. I’m inspired by the concept that each transaction can be driven by ethical reason.

I am a born and raised Parisian man, but during a short period of my life I had the chance to live in Tokyo and New York. During this time, I was able to distinguish a gap in the sartorial knowledge between fashion capitals of the world. Each city embodies its own spirit of style. is updated on a daily basis in 3 languages: English, French, and Japanese about quality ready-to-wear and bespoke culture.

I am committed to promote true quality and craftsmanship in men’s wear. Analyzing the international fashion press, decrypting advertising campaigns and participating in fashion week all over the world, pursues a vision of masculine elegance and seeks to highlight the art of photography, styling and artistic direction.

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